Our team

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We have the internal capacity to provide the quality services to clients. We have a team of highly qualified 23 client-facing staff and 5 administration staff (total of 28 personnel). Out of the client-facing staff, 21 are fully qualified accountants – CPA(K). The client-facing team levels are as follows:

  • Partners – 2
  • Managers – 5
  • Seniors – 6
  • Assistants – 10

We use comprehensive and highly automated financial model, which enables us to perform tasks in a speedy and efficient manner. We also prepare electronic files which makes it easier for retrieval and reference in the future. Given that a lot of our client data is in electronic form, we have implemented a stringent ICT risk management policy to ensure the data is safeguarded.

We are a fast growing professional services firm practicing from ultra-modern offices, strategically located in the quiet and serene “Upper Hill” area in Nairobi.

The firm brings together a combination of strengths in professional services with state-of-the-art facilities and a responsive approach to client service. We have automated our operations and client assignments thus enabling provision of reliable and speedy services.

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