About us

Our Heritage and Purpose

DeLyde Associates was incorporated in June 2003 as a professional firm providing auditing, accounting, tax, and management consulting services. Operations began is April 2005.

The pioneer partner of the firm, Oliver Adera, is the current chief executive officer of the firm.

The name DeLyde was derived from a combination of the names of the pioneer partners twin children Lourdel and Clyde.

The idea of setting up a professional services firm first came up to the pioneer partner on 26 September 2002. This day has remained important to him as it was the date when his twin children were exactly one month old.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading professional firm in the region, solving complex problems for businesses in the region and helping them realise their long term objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality professional service with the use of appropriate technology to support businesses, and exercising good corporate citizenship.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are honesty, integrity, and respect to all that we deal with.

We intend to achieve our long-term objectives by continuously building the right skills, knowledge, and attitude. We also seek to have indepth knowledge of our clients businesses in order for us to grow together.

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